About TRS

TRS’ Story

TRS founders and recruiters are ex-technical professionals who were themselves developers, QAs, or other IT experts.

Therefore, one of our advantages is that we know how to find common ground with candidates and clients and have an excellent understanding of technology and the stack.

Since 2007 our regional recruiting agency BestHeads has been working in Ukraine with offices in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and other cities. BestHeads is focused mainly on the domestic market and helps find technical staff for Ukrainian companies.

Over the years of our work in Ukraine, the amount of client requests from the U.S., Israel, Germany, Canada and other countries has increased. Concurrently, our database of candidates has been growing with rare, talented professionals who cannot be found on the Internet or job sites.

“Supply creates its own demand” – is Say’s law.

At one point, the demand for IT candidates among our foreign clients went through the roof. The market pushed us to create a separate branch for worldwide IT recruiting and outsourcing – TRS agency.

Agree, IT outsourcing and IT recruiting are quite similar businesses, both based on providing qualified employees to clients.

For this reason, we freely began to provide not only IT recruiting services but also outsourcing and outstaffing.

Due to our in-house database of rare IT engineers, developers, and managers, we are quickly fulfilling the demands of our customers all over the world while being headquartered in Ukraine and Poland.